Pyro Musical Firework Displays

Pyromusicals - Firework displays choreographed to music and fired with split second timing is undoubtedly a winning combination that produces the ultimate show.

Using ScriptMaker, the world's first fully integrated choreography software package, with FireOne we are able to offer the most unprecedented precision timing in the industry.

Our choreography team can take your chosen piece of music and make the fireworks dance through the night sky in precise timing to it creating the most awe inspiring atmosphere you are ever likely to witness.

Pyro Musical Display Packages
Duration Private / Standard Corporate / Enhanced Public / Superior
5 minutes 2000 3000 4000
10 minutes 3000+ 4000+ 5000+
15 minutes 4500+ 5500+ 6500+
15 minutes+ Call us for a quote Call us for a quote Call us for a quote

Standard - This package uses mostly multishot fireworks which are fired on specific beats within the track with a mix of single shot fireworks that are fired on crescendos notes.

Enhanced - This package uses a mix of multishot fireworks and single shot fireworks creating a beautiful choreographed synchronisation with the high and lows of the music.

Superior - This package uses mainly single shot firework effects such as mines and comets allowing us to pick out individual notes. This combined with aerial shells creates the most dramatic chorographical spectacular with individual fireworks breaking simultaneously to the beat of the music.

The above prices include our own in-house sound system. For large scale displays it is advised that a specialist outdoor system is used. We worked with sourced some of the very best companies around the UK so please do not hesitate to ask us for their details.

The music selection alone is the very heart and soul of the display; it must be familiar to all ages, emotive and powerful with highs and lows. The music has the role of providing suspense, elation and excitement and to finish with a crescendo the crowd will remember forever.

To provide greatest performance and gain maximum impact from the fireworks, the movement, colours, effects and noise, are timed to the rise and fall of the tempo with more energetic releases to match, and softer releases to allow you to appreciate the beauty of the music.