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Barney Kelsall

Sweets and Chocolate Distribution 

Barney is our youngest member at Pyrotex Fireworx. Joining us 9 years ago when he was born. Hoping to follow in his Dad’s footsteps, Barney is showing huge passion and telling his dad how to design shows, he already calls himself ‘The Boss’.

At the age of 9, Barney is already well travelled with the Pyrotex international team, visiting places like Monaco, Malta, and France.  Very quickly he learned the skills and crew’s needs on-site. Barney soon knew the way to our hearts, sweets, and chocolate!  

His daily roles when not a school, currently consists of the latest Xbox games, Lego sets, and Tik Tok Videos. Barney has also gained huge experience in finding the local takeaways wherever he is going.

Over the last couple of years, Barney has started to show interest in other career options, wanting to be a Fireman, Army Sergeant, Magician, Pop Singer, and Professional Footballer. Whatever he decides we wish him all the luck, but for now keep up the good work looking after the staff whilst on site.

Q&A With Barney

Well, as my dad is the owner of a fireworks display company, I had no choice but to like fireworks 🙂

I’m still at school, but it’s boring. My dad keeps telling me it’s really important but I’d rather be playing on my Xbox or watching Tik Tok Videos

The funniest thing was watching my dad trying to get lots of sheep back into a field as they had escaped and started chewing through the firework wires.

My favorite experience was when we went on holiday to Malta in 2014. My dad was working during the day on a firework show but he would take me to an awesome sweet and cake shop in the marina if I was well behaved. We went there every day and it was amazing!

It is brilliant! I get to see lots of fireworks and eat lots of sweets and chocolates, it’s every boys dream

I am awesome at finding the nearest McDonalds or KFC when we travel to site, the crew love it and so do I because I get one too!