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So, you want to be a Pyrotechnician?  What does it take?  What work goes into a typical display?

Before we even start to design the show a member of the team visits the client’s location to complete a site survey and a full risk assessment.  Once we have visited the site, we liaise with the customer to discuss their budget, colour scheme, and music choice.

The design process can now begin!  Music is stitched together, and firework products are added to the score – this process is time-consuming and can take days, and sometimes even weeks to complete!

Once the show has been designed, we then start the pre-rigging.  Fireworks are mounted to frames and cue stickers are attached to ensure there are no errors.

On the day of the show, all the preparation work is completed and wired into its address module (computer). Once all the fireworks have been rigged and placed in the correct position all the communication cables can be wired together. We can now make sure everything works! All the firing modules, and all the firing circuits are tested for continuity. The fire power, the audio and finally, the time code is tested.

Finally, after weeks of design and preparation, the time has come to press that button!

There is no need to have any experience in pyrotechnics, as full in-house training will be given as well as BPA training.  You must have a genuine interest in fireworks and pyrotechnics as it is a profession where you won’t earn much money but it’s extremely rewarding meeting new people, traveling lots, and seeing many different countries and cultures.

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