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The display designer determines the product type, colour, and effect to integrate into the music program. FireOne’s choreography program, ScriptMaker Visual, automatically maintains multiple databases of product inventory in addition to the choreography database for the music program. Using easy point-and-click selection, the desired product is “dropped” into the music at the desired time, creating the choreographed display.


The products from the choreographed music score must be assigned to appropriate electrical contacts (cues) to be fired by FireOne’s digital firing system. CueMaker Visual automatically assigns all product, or group of shells, to a specific cue in the most efficient manner. This reduces setup time.

TimeCode Wizard

TimeCode Wizard creates perfect digital time code from the music score created in Scriptmaker. The time code is necessary to synchronize the choreographed fireworks to the music. TimeCode Wizard creates a perfect digital audio recording of the music with the digital time code applied on a separate channel.



FireOne UltraFire is, without question, the most technologically advanced pyrotechnic field software in existence. Firing, monitoring, and real-time interaction make UltraFire the professional’s choice. FireOne UltraFire provides setup and testing routines to verify proper operation prior to firing the display. 


Compact Rails

FireOne’s Compact Rail provides a highly portable and extraordinarily sturdy solution to our connection device needs. The robust stainless steel red and black connectors are designed with gripping “teeth” to hold the e-match wires securely with minimal attention from our technicians. Which allows them to be productive and efficient on site.

Firing Modules

The firing modules directly connect to the Firing panels using patented 2-Wire communications technology which dramatically increases the potential operating distances between the control panel location and the pyrotechnic product.

Control Panels

These are the main piece to all our displays; they send commands and receive replies from firing modules. They are the command-and-control devices of the FireOne™ System. They can also store and retrieve fire files for the complete testing and firing of complex displays. 

Time Machine

The TimeMachine is a revolutionary concept for the firework industry. The TimeMachine integrates several discrete devices into a highly functional, logical package that ultimately brings new functionality to us.

Wireless Transceivers

The 2-wire interconnection, utilized by the Wireless Transceiver, provides our technicians with placement options that would otherwise be impossible.