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Pyrotex Fireworx’ s flame projectors will give your event an added dimension with columns of smokeless, clean burning fire that can reach up to 10 meters. Our X2 Wave Flamers can be used either indoors or outdoors and its uses can vary from concerts, stage shows, sporting events and in conjunction with a fireworks display.

It’s versatile yet compact design combines moving head technology with a fluid driven flame system which allows for very fast and precise flame bursts or long duration, sweeping flames with an angle range of 210 degrees. It’s built in safety mechanisms ensure that the flames are delivered responsibly yet spectacularly.

Pyrotex Fireworx’ s X2 Flame Units can be used as a standalone device by pre-programming its internal memory but can also be controlled via DMX so it can be integrated into automated shows and displays, which allows for musical synchronicity of the device. The units even have interchangeable heads which allows us greater flexibility when on site and we can also use different additives to mix in with the fuel which can change the colour of the flames.

Whether you are having a large scale concert, sporting event, private wedding fireworks display, or even a product launch,  Pyrotex Fireworx’ s Flame Units will certainly turn up the heat and produce an exciting, yet dramatic effect for any occasion.

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