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Pyrotex Fireworx sources fireworks from the industry’s recognised suppliers from around the world, such as China, Italy, and Spain. We often go out to the different countries to meet our suppliers and see the products before they start to be shipped to the UK. Whilst we are out there, we are always looking for new high-quality products. All our fireworks are up to British and European Standards.

We use the FireOne firing system for all our displays, it is precise, accurate, and uses the state-of-the-art software which allows us to create complex and innovative displays. Putting this together with our world-class designers, they have traveled around the world, impressing judges, audiences, celebrities, and major clients.

Pyrotex Fireworx have high expectations to deliver a flawless display, we have a highly trained firing team who with their passion and flare, work together to create the highest quality firework display.

Putting all this together and over 35 years of experience, Pyrotex Fireworx has now become the UK’s most awarded display company.