Confetti Fireworks


The Confetti Package is an elegant concoction of stunning effects and vivid colours that flood the night sky and will leave you and your guests speechless.

Pyrotex Fireworx can fire your show from a single or multiple firing positions, depending on what display package and venue you choose. A single position is great for venues with restricted space and limited budgets. Whilst our bigger display packages, are fired from multiple firing positions creating a more impressive and symmetrical firework display.

Pyrotex’s standard display packages are designed to have a nice rhythm throughout, starting the show with our smaller fireworks leading up to our noticeably larger and impressive finale pieces. If you would like an Enhanced firework display, we can fire the same show but quicker creating a high intensity display leaving your guests amazed.

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What's Included?


Full co-ordination by a professional team. We will liaise with your venue or local authority to ensure everyone who needs to know, knows about the display.


£20 million public and product liability insurance is included with every package for total peace of mind

Risk Assessment

A Full Risk Assessment, which takes into account all aspects of the firing site and the weather conditions.

Site Clear Up

We will complete a full site clear-up after the display has been completed.