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Berlin 2015

A few weeks have passed since our display in Cannes and we are on our way to the historic city of Berlin to the Olympic stadium to take part in the prestigious Pyronale competition.

This year they started a new format which was unusual for the industry, but we welcome the level of standardisation in the competition, which creates an even playing field but still leaves room for individual creativity. The show was split into three different sections: one minute of pyrotechnics with no music in green and violet, four minutes of pyrotechnics to a song of the organisers’ choice, and ten minutes freestyled display with the competitor’s choice of songs however the freestyle section had to be within the theme of the competitor’s home nation. Amongst our chosen tracks was We Will Rock You by, Queen. This choice was born out of our desire to showcase the best of British talent in an international arena.

Set up was a breeze due to the size of the team and great weather, everything went without too much of a hitch, that said, it was certainly clear who couldn’t handle the German beer as some crew had groggy heads the morning after! Come show time nerves were high but the display fired perfectly and yes, I am biased but it was absolutely brilliant, the multi break shells and criss crossing single shots during the opening sequence was incredible.

The efforts of the team shone through again and we were awarded the Silver Vessel which we were very proud and humbled with as we were against such a strong line up, having said that it spurred us on and made us more than ready for the busiest November season and new year to date! 

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