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Italy 2016

Well its July and our team jetted off to Italy to take part in the International Festival of Dancing Fireworks competition. Graham and Kath from Pyro2000 met us out there to make up the full team that was required.

The design work was completed early in the year and the product for the show was prepared and shipped from the UK and was already in a holding container on site for when we got there. While rigging on site the temperature in Italy was far from pleasant and was likened to working inside a volcano, it was relentless and made even worse by the site being on a concrete pad that radiated the heat upwards! The crew spent long days on site working in the crazy heat but they ended up with a firing site stretching 11 single shot plates wide with 3 shell, cake, slice and candle positions for the 15 minute show.

This was the first year Italy had held a firework competition so the atmosphere was a tense but enjoyable even though some of the locals were unsure of what to expect, the organisers did a fantastic job of keeping the cogs turning and the competition ran as smoothly as possible any my, did they! They also used a clever tactic to pull in those who were still unsure about the competition by hiring in a jumbo screen and televised that nights World Cup game between Germany and Italy.

On the night of the show everyone was exited and the teams were raring to go. Our display was incredible and fired perfectly and our crew were delighted. As it turns out we were not the only ones who enjoyed our display as during the prize ceremony we were awarded both the Judges gold prize and public award and left with the title “International Festival of Dancing Fireworks Public and Jury Gold Prize 2016”

Our experience in Italy left us elated and looking forward to the coming months

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