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Philippines 2017

In 2017 we started out in the heated realms of the Philippines where we would be competing against 9 other teams from around the world all trying to clinch the highly desired 1st place prize. As we did last year, we only took three of our own crew and were joined in Manila by Kath and Graham from Pyro2000.

With this being the 2nd year of competing in this competition the crowds were sceptical to see if we could top our display from last year, but we had spent many hours designing the show and the team were ready to put a shift in to get the barges rigged. Our five crew plus the ten-strong support crew from Platinum were on site for a total of 6 days and I’m pretty sure they all lost around a stone in weight from just sweating in the heat along with one crew member ending up having a few tummy troubles along the way, but they did their best and got the show on the ground and set up in record time.

The nightlife in Manila was certainly impressive and the guys spent most nights after set up in the Roadhouse Bar, which soon became their HQ. during the week they soon became local celebrities, with ques of adorning Pyrotex fans asking for signatures from the crew along with endless selfies and some select few even stopping for a few beers with the team and to chat about the upcoming show. That week Mel was given the title “Mr Public Relations” and everything to do with the nightlife schedule was planned in by him, he was a fan favourite that’s for sure, although most people could hardly understand him due to his heavy northern accent. (sorry Mel)

On the Saturday night tensions were high as the show was due to fire however the nerves soon settled as the display fired perfectly and Mark and the team were happy with the performance but they had to wait for a week before the results ceremony so they all managed to squeeze a week of R&R in Boracay before returning to Manila.

Once back in Manila and a quick trip to the Roadhouse for a few drinks it was time for the results ceremony and the team and the crowds were all nervously awaiting the decision but it was finally announced over the PA system that Pyrotex Fireworx had won again and were awarded the 8th Philippine International Pyromusical Competition Grand Champions 2017! The team were over the moon with the result and the fans were too! What a start to the year.

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