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Southport 2010

Its 2010 and we received the news of our selection to compete in the British musical fireworks championships this year (which is one of the UKs most prestigious titles any professional firework company can ever think of competing for) and to say we were excited was an understatement.

We have visited Southport to watch the competition on many occasions, so we knew what was involved but to actually be in the competition, against some of the best firework companies in the UK, was rather daunting at first, but after much deliberation we thought, what better way to measure our own ability and see how we stack up against the others?

We spent many months preparing for the show. We listened to the selected music tracks over and over, choreographing specific fireworks to particular sections of the tracks. We even had to re-design some parts of the show as the container with our fireworks in would not arrive in time for the show, so we had to source materials from UK suppliers which gave us a few headaches as most firework stocks were running low, especially the single shots. But we all pulled together and with days to spare the show design and preparation was finally completed.

The show we had designed used an extensive range of firing equipment, more than we had in stock so we had to beg, steal and borrow the extra modules which enabled us to keep the design as we had planned. Our crew, along with other members drafted in from Skyburst all worked incredibly hard during the setup, especially as the weather was against us, but we pulled it off and the show was ready to go. All of our stomachs were in knots when the display started, as this was the first time we were a competitor not a spectator. The fireworks were dancing in the skies to the beat of the music and the nerves soon subsided, especially when the crowd began to cheer!

Later on that evening we were nervously waiting for the results of the competition, and when they announced us as champions we were elated ! Winning the competition never even crossed our mind but the euphoria from it was amazing and something we will not forget.

Southport allowed us to test our limits and demonstrate our passion and enthusiasm for fireworks. It also gave us a platform to push ourselves further forward as a company and gave us dreams to follow.

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