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Southport 2011


We are back in Southport again to try and retain our title from 2010 and our ethos was the same as last year, keeping the music current, yet familiar to all age groups and the display had to be emotive yet powerful.

As before, preparations started many months before the actual show, getting the design perfected then ordering and preparing the fireworks beforehand to make it as easy as possible when the team get on site, especially as this show had to be bigger and better than last year.

Once the fireworks were all prepared the firing equipment was next on the agenda and yet again, we didn’t have enough modules, so a few favours were asked and kindly given by other companies to get us the required equipment. All the crews worked hard during the set up and the camaraderie was amazing and made the whole weekend very enjoyable.

Our display fired perfectly, low tempo, high tempo, low noise and high noise followed by a thunderous golden finale, just how we had imagined. All the displays this year were of a very high standard and made the judging extremely difficult as it was very hard for us to see a clear winner.

We nervously awaited the decision from the judging panel, which seemed to take an age, but eventually the PA system fired up and announced the teams in third and second places, followed by the winners, which was Pyrotex! We couldn’t believe it, winners again. Back to Back British Musical Firework Champions, something which had never been achieved before and made the win even more special. It resounded across the firework community, especially with Graham from Pyro2000 who approached Mark at the trophy presentation to congratulate him personally which was a massive honour and the start of a special friendship between Pyrotex and Pyro2000.

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