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Thailand 2016

Pyrotex Fireworks were glad to be invited back to Thailand International Firework Festival 2016. The event is a gigantic, with huge parades, live music, concerts, and different dance acts. The residents of Thailand come from all over the country to support this stunning event.

The history behind the event is to celebrate King Bhumbili Adulyadej’s birthday and his impressive reign as the King of Thailand.

The festival is split into 2 days, where each country collaborates and gives a small snippet of their display on the first day, followed by the second day where they put a full 45-minute display.

The crew still talk about the festival and how they felt after the display, with over 100,000 spectators shouting and cheering to show their appreciation. Being treated like celebrities, asking for autographs and pictures. If you like fireworks, then this festival is a must!!!

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