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Wayne Cross

Senior Firer

Wayne joined Pyrotex back in 2019 and is our newest crew member to join the team. From the first-time meeting Wayne, it was clear that he had a good level of excitement and was a big fan of Pyrotex.

Been someone who has never done fireworks before, Wayne showed the ability to learn the trade and picked it up very quickly. Moving through the ranks at Pyrotex and now becoming a very trustworthy Senior Firer. He is a great person on site who will always bring high levels of enthusiasm and passion.

Q&A With Wayne

Have always done fireworks in my back garden for bonfire night and picked up some fireworks for the display from Pyrotex and asked if they had any jobs going, which they did and I’ve been with them ever since.

I do, I work for a business management consultancy.

The strangest thing ive seen on a display is, well, lets put it lightly, two people fumbling in the woods next to the firing site. A quick flash of our head torches and they soon scarpered.

The firework Championships at Belvoir Castle in 2019 where we ended up winning. It was brilliant

Love it ! Hard work at times but the comraderie of the crew is brilliant.

Being a key team player. And getting the job done quickly and efficiently.